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A bold re-think
of how global
supply chains
and markets


KALTJA’s Sustainable Parametric Ecosystem (SPE) 

1.   a      : the basis of parametric circuits referred to as productive and reproductive technologies,

      b      : a confluence of systems that are interconnected in stages in an environment/s to offer sustainable benefit/s to the environment/s, which may encompass, but not limited to one or more of the following:

              biodiversity resources, energy, agriculture, water, food security, greenhouse gas reduction, and trade

Thus to form an ecosystem/s which, in turn, helps the environment, strengthens economic development, and fosters financial inclusion.

Example : utilizing one or more interconnected parametric circuits, byproducts – such as waste, greenhouse gases, etc. – are recovered to benefit the environment and then converted into commodities such as potable water, nutrients, fuels, energy, etc., which in-turn can be exchanged and/or sold to generate revenue, and can also be optionally traced and verified by utilizing various methods and technologies, including but not limited to blockchain, or in any combination/s thereof. 

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Food Security


Net-Zero GHG Emissions

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