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Using our Blockchain Platform for peer-to-peer, digitally encrypted, accountable and trusted transactions

Strengthening Economic

Development to Rural

Farming Communities

Applied to Global resources

such as food, water, energy

and healthcare





Kaltja® defies the definition of 'start-up'. Our approach is a robust and dynamic ecology.  

We've created and implemented the Sustainable Parametric Ecosystem. This brings together an interconnected network of innovative technology and novel Information Technology (IT) and Internet of Things (IoT) to production, agriculture, energy, food supply, and trade in order to strengthen economic development in rural and indigenous communities, while marketing healthy products to enhance livelihood and holistic balance.

Kaltja® supports biological integrity and pioneering of soil-to-consumer methodologies that bring Sustainable Livelihood back to farmers, underserved communities, and countries, by delivering our blockchain revenue-sharing program which provides additional income to communities we serve.

Our global sustainability system has grown exponentially to include three international holding companies, two trademarks, five patents, six licenses, and international seals. 

The SDR Energy Generation System is a mobile, skid-mounted System that can be set up within 72 hours to provide 8 MW to 10 MW of continuous, sustainable uninterrupted Net-Zero CO2 power, molecularly structured fuel and water, as well as telecommunications to remote areas. The system can also come with a 30-mile radius WiMAX unit and micro-grid to distribute power, telecom, and television to remote areas where there is no existing infrastructure.


Kaltja biotics

Effective, innovative solutions to remediation technologies.

genus bioenergy

Solutions to Reduce Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions,  
Water Scarcity and  Desalinization.


Creating the

Digital Chain of custodianship

From soil to supermarket.

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