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The Kaltja Sustainable Parametric Ecosystem

Kaltja is an enhancer not a disrupter. We are not shaking up patterns of business and systems but instead boosting and connecting them. The basic tenets of Kaltja’s innovations have shaped and refined Kaltja’s Sustainable Parametric Ecosystem.

We build on the integrated base of systems for trade, water, agriculture, food security, as well as net zero GHG emissions; and then we use blockchain to immutably record, encrypt, and verify.

Kaltja’s Sustainable Parametric Ecosystem (SPE) is the basis of parametric circuits referred to as productive and reproductive technologies and a confluence of systems that are interconnected in stages in an environment/s to offer sustainable benefit/s to the environment/s, which may encompass, but not limited to one or more of the following: biodiversity resources, energy, agriculture, water, food security, greenhouse gas reduction, and trade, thus to form an ecosystem/s which, in turn, helps the environment, strengthens economic development, and fosters financial inclusion.

For example: utilizing one or more interconnected parametric circuits, byproducts – such as waste, greenhouse gases, etc. – are recovered to benefit the environment and then converted into commodities such as potable water, nutrients, fuels, energy, etc., which in-turn can be exchanged and/or sold to generate revenue, and can also be optionally traced and verified by utilizing various methods and technologies, including but not limited to blockchain, or in any combination/s thereof.

This dynamic interconnected is similar to nature’s symbiosis. The interdependency produces an innovative, integrated systems outcome that is more compete and productive than the individual parts. The individual systems rely on the others for successful and positive impacts.

The Sustainable Parametric Ecosystem sets the rules in which interconnected systems and collaborative and complementary platforms function within it and participate in it. Kaltja’s SPE is the framework to explain how the evolutionary and structural features of the ecosystem may shape and influence the outcomes and performance. The unique components, structural features, and eco-subsystems interact with and are designed by the rules and actions of Kaltja’s SPE platforms. The SPE assists with accumulated learning and generational modifications initiated by the platform. This SPE value network fosters greater sustainable global opportunities, outcomes, and successes. Entities in the SPE affect and are affected by other technologies and/or systems, generating dynamic and evolving interfaces and relationships.

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