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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

I’d like to introduce our SD Labs Inert (Non-Toxic) Antimicrobial Coatings that can effectively kill viruses on surfaces for months to years in one application. Currently, our SD Labs Antimicrobial Coatings are used in Wuhan, China, to effectively kill the coronavirus on surfaces. We have provided photos of our product being delivered to the heart of Wuhan Province under the direct sponsorship of the regional administrator of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Please see the SD Labs products on our website in our Technologies tab under SD Labs and also under SD Labs South Korea.

Our team had a three-day meeting several weeks ago with China’s top members of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Ministry of Health, and government advisors at the Guangzhou CDC testing facility. There was unilateral agreement that the coronavirus will be killed by our product and testing has been conducted by two of the country's top government labs.

Trying to obtain meeting minutes and test reports is challenging; but after the group of 20+ scientists reviewed our third-party test data from various global third-party labs and institutions they all came to the same conclusion and authorized the use of our products throughout Mainland China. Our agent received a countrywide customs clearance the next day and has successfully been importing products.​ We have international test data on sporicidal norovirus (which is extremely hard to kill), herpes simplex virus, avian influenza, and other organisms with similar molecular structures to coronavirus. The science indicates that if we are effective against these pathogens then coronavirus will easily be killed by our SD 90 and SD 90+ products.

Coronavirus is not a difficult microorganism to kill. In this particular outbreak, it is a difficult microorganism to CONTROL and this is where our product differs greatly from typical disinfectants. Typical disinfectants only kill germs while the disinfectants are wet; and once these products dry a surface can be re-contaminated quickly. SD Lab's antimicrobial coatings provide the equivalent of a semi-permanent disinfecting surface that can last months to years without washing off a surface. This feature helps to break the cycle of transmission of most bacteria, viruses, fungi, and molds. This has been substantiated by our international approvals and registration by the governments of Brazil, China, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, and South Korea. Many other countries are in the process of approving our products and are also adopting our SNoW material to make high-performance antimicrobial masks and hospital gowns. We are finalizing an order for many tons of this fabric between SD Lab Korea and the Chinese government.

To provide insight with respect to the people in China who unilaterally agreed that our product is effective against the coronavirus included leaders of Guangdong Ministry of Health, the National Ministry of Health, and the following noted specialists:

Dr. Zhong Nanshan: top advisor to Xi Jinping for all healthcare matters in China. He is most famous for his work with the SARS outbreak in China.

Dr. Ke Changwen of Guangdong Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Recently, we have been treating all common surfaces throughout four Changi Airport terminals and their administrative offices in Singapore as seen above. The group photo (above) is of the Prime Minister of Singapore and our Singaporean Agent, Dr. Wee Ming Yeo, at the Changi Airport Group's press event as covered in the Strait Times.

Our first shipment of product was delivered to the China Party Main Headquarters and to the CDC National Testing Facility in Guangzhou. Additionally, a launch occurred at the Guangdong Science Center to begin educating the locals about our product. The following photos reflect some of this effort.

We are happy to avail our Chief Science Office in the USA, Dr. Joseph DeVito, and/or our scientist who attended all the meetings with the Chinese officials, Dr. Wee Ming Yeo, to speak with you if this would be helpful. One customary way that the Chinese people like to communicate is via photos; therefore, we have included them in lieu of a formal press release. The video below is the first infomercial China has produced regarding consumer use of our SDLabs Product:

VIDEO SOURCE: Our inert, non-toxic products can continuously kill microorganisms/viruses on surfaces for 12 to 24 months in one application. These products are particularly suitable for high-traffic and high-volume applications such as, the transportation industry (vehicles, buses, trains, cars, shipping containers), public spaces, offices, food service industries, businesses, and residential. Presently, we are set up for supply chains to Government, Commercial and Industry only.

  1. If you represent one of these fields, we would like to discuss with you, how best to acquire our technologies in rapid response, to combat and control the Coronavirus.

  2. Please visit to find out more and register your interest.

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