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K A L T J A  C O F F E E  + R O A S T E R Y    

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Coffee is important to Kaltja® and to the world’s consumers. Within the Sustainable Parametric Ecosystem we touch all aspects of production – from Agri-Kaltja® to the cup.

Being present in the process and creating production in Yunnan Province (China) and other select global locations not only ensures high-quality, delicious coffees but creates local-area impact through job creation, deployment of our culinary tech, distribution, and sales.

Kaltja® roasteries are state-of-the-art facilities, designed to industry standard specifications. A clean and clear respect of the product at all stages ensures that quality

is upheld and consistently maintained.

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Craft coffee roasting

creating unique cupping profiles, distributor of high-quality, organic,

non-GMO products, committed to local employment, and economic development.

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