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Kaltja® Global Addresses Real Problems. We offer a collaborative venture that helps prevent the disappearance of communities and their stories, culture, traditions and ingenuity represented in their products. In other models, communities are written out of the economic model – with us, they are our partners end to end, resulting in:

  • Food and Land Security

  • Affordable Net-Zero CO2 Energy Generation

  • Blockchain that provides unalterable, secure “Smart Contracts” between growers to venders

  • Impact redeemable certificates/crypto currencies

  • Use of our Blockchain Platform for peer-to-peer, digitally encrypted, accountable and trusted transactions for inherent governance through smart logistics

  • Enhanced crop yields in water-scarce areas

  • Complete supply chain traceability

  • Transparent real time data available to consumers

  • Enhanced indigenous resources native to local geographies

  • Stewardship to retain provenance & story

  • Seed-To-Fork Food Sustainability and Fair Trade

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