Building thriving communities leveraging disruptive nanotechnologies and blockchain to provide sustainable global solutions for energy, agriculture, water, secure food supplies, and

trade – strengthening economic development

and financial inclusion for a better world.


Kaltja envisions the full empowerment of our

partner cooperative communities, creating thriving

and sustainable eco-systems – shifting the axis

back to humanity.



Our key partnerships are ethically sourced and globally scalable across all underserved populations



A powerful conduit enabling the reduction of poverty, improvement of communities and strengthening of economic development



A collaborative venture that helps communities from disappearing and so are their stories, culture, traditions and ingenuity represented in these products

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Kaltja® is a global connection of Eastern and

Western markets that creates new production

chains to support economic development and market healthy products that enhance pure living.

We accomplish this by delivering our blockchain revenue-sharing program which provides additional income to communities we serve. Our SDR Energy Generation System converts farming biomass, digester waste, manure waste slurries, rubbish, and plastics into useable, marketable high-grade molecularly structured fuels—such as diesel fuel, jet fuel, methanol, ethanol, and propane gases—that are sold cost-effectively back into the market.


We strengthen economic development by enabling global trade and logistics – delivered direct to the consumer – transforming the supply chain as we know it. We partner with farmers, farmer co-ops, and communities who associate as active members.


We provide a unique, alternative approach to conventional trade that delivers measurable impact at scale for communities that rely on local products and services for their well-being. We use blockchain technology to record, track and verify trades of literally anything that holds value including the commodities, goods, energy, fuel, water, and communications sold.


Kaltja® represents a Sustainable Parametric Ecosystem. We offer viable, green Net-Zero CO2 nanotech solutions for Water, Energy, Agriculture, Food Security and Trade—verified by blockchain—that significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Through this we offer the following:

Kaltja® Global Addresses Real Problems. We
offer a collaborative venture that helps prevent the disappearance of communities and their stories, culture, traditions and ingenuity represented in their products. In other models, communities are written out of the economic model – with us, they are our partners end to end, resulting in:

  • efficient desalination of water & removal of calcium

  • conversion of solid waste & plastics to energy

  • conversion of “GHG” greenhouse gases

  • conversion of agricultural & digester waste slurries to energy, potable water, and grade “A” liquid nutrients as byproducts.

  • sustainable safe agriculture production via destruction of salmonella, e-coli & listeriosis  (can be feasible to prohibit the spread of the African Swine Flu) 

  • produce natural, organic non-GMO foods & beverages

  • Food and Land Security

  • Affordable Net-Zero CO2 Energy Generation

  • Blockchain that provides unalterable, secure “Smart Contracts” between growers to venders

  • Impact redeemable certificates/crypto currencies

  • Use of our Blockchain Platform for peer-to-peer, digitally encrypted, accountable and trusted transactions for inherent governance through smart logistics

  • Enhanced crop yields in water-scarce areas

  • Complete supply chain traceability

  • Transparent real time data available to consumers

  • Enhanced indigenous resources native to local geographies

  • Stewardship to retain provenance & story

  • Seed-To-Fork Food Sustainability and Fair Trade